Marketing to the Automotive Aftermarket

Knudsen, Gardner & Howe is an advertising and marketing agency with a specialty focus in the automotive aftermarket. We have a proven track record of helping our clients become market leaders while assisting other clients develop and build their businesses from day one. We even follow the industry at AAPEX, SEMA and read industry publications like Transmission Digest and Counterman magazine. KGH takes an integrated approach to building brand name recognition while increasing sales for our clients. Automotive aftermarket clients we have serviced include:

Aceomatic Recon
Leading supplier of transmission components (torque converters) throughout the United States. Experience includes sales literature development, advertising and trade show graphics.

ATC Distribution Group
Leading supplier of automatic transmission components in the world. Experience includes sales literature development, advertising and trade show graphics.

Axiom Automotive Technologies
Formerly the world's largest distributor of automatic transmission parts, Axiom Automotive Technologies was formed by the merger of Aceomatic Recon and ATC Distribution Group in 2004. Transtar Industries acquired Axiom Automotive Technologies in 2007. Experience includes logo development, package design, ad development and placement, sales literature development, publicity and graphic design for trade shows.

Cal Van Tools
Specialty tools, electrical tools, engine tools, undercar tools, body and general tools. Experience includes sales literature development and trade advertising.

Capital Core
Midwest distributor of transmission kits and components. Capital Core takes a personal approach to business and has served transmission professionals since 1982. Experience includes logo refinement, package design, ad evelopment and placement, publicity, sales literature, and trade show graphics.

Corteco, Freudenberg-NOK & TransTec®
Automotive Components

Products include automotive transmission and power steering rebuild kits and components. Experience includes advertising, technical editorial development, publicity, sales literature, collateral material, package design, graphic design for trade shows and website development and hosting.

Sonnax is a diversified supplier of specialized drivetrain products to the automotive and commercial vehicle industries, and to industrial sectors utilizing drivetrain technology. Experience includes advertising development, direct mail, sales literature development, publicity and website programming.

StanPro began originally as a specialty division of Standard Products, founded in 1927. StanPro is a single-source supplier for standard and specialized seal and trim solutions. Experience includes sales literature development.

Toledo Transkit - Purchased by SPX Filtran - Seal Aftermarket Products Transmission kits/components supplier. Experience includes logo and corporate ID development, and package design.

TRW International
Products include a complete line of engine and chassis parts for import applications. Experience includes ad development and placement, catalog design/production, packaging and sales literature development for international engine and steering parts business.

Westport Axle Corp.
Products include assembled front steer axle modules for: commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles as well as other various axles for construction vehicles. Experience includes logo and corporate ID development, literature and website development.

Automotive aftermarket company logos